Unlike women from European cultures, the Iroquois women played key roles in the decisions that happened in their clans. Although similar to the European women they where in charge of what happened inside the home but their influence unlike European did not stay there, Iroquois women “were responsible for selecting hereditary chiefs and participated in decisions regarding the activities of warriors and fate of captives” . But this wasn’t just limited to the Iroquois many “aboriginal cultures assign significant leadership roles to women” Women in many clans “carried the burdens” since women majority of the time where looked to for guidance to what to do. For instance if a war was to break out the women could have been the ones to provoke it, and can also be the ones to end it.1 But as the Iroquois began to adopt “both white men and women”4 to the clan, with that the adoption of white traditions into Iroquois tradition became more noticeable. As the Iroquois women’s roles began to change and become similar to that of the Europeans women’s roles.