Canadian landscapes have always been a wonder of the world and have drawn people from all corners of the world to Canada. This is primarily from the artwork of painters, although in the past they never received much attention. If it wasn’t for painters like those of the group of seven tourism wouldn’t have been as popular in the 1900’s . But that doesn’t mean they were completely swept under the carpet as the railway company noticed their importance in them encouraging tourism throughout Canada so they could gain a profit.1 That is why the railway gave those who were with the group of seven free passes to ride the train station.1 Canadian landscape painters also help contribute to the ongoing assimilation of immigrants to Canada from around different parts of the world.2 These painters paintings encouraged the immigrants to want to come from over seas and take up parts of the land and farm on it. 2 If it wasn’t for painters Canada probably wouldn’t have gain so much attention from immigrants and tourists around the world. The painters of Canada did more then just give us a perspective of Canadian wilderness but also different views of Canada, which has been seen through Emily Carr paintings and drawings as she spent a lot of her time with aboriginal populations.3 This gave us a much different view of Canada and of the native people that could only be seen through a painters paintings.3 The same goes for having the ability in seeing animals and parts of the wilderness that not everyone will might have the ability to access, unlike those of the upper class.4 So if it wasn’t for Canadian painters a lot of the beauty of the Canadian landscape and wilderness would have been lost to the world.